Signs Of Trouble With Your Head Gastkets

It is easy to tell when you need to change your oil, put air in your tires or have your breaks looked at. There is usually an indicator light on the instrument panel that alerts you. Or you hear some awful grinding noise when you step on the breaks. But what about when you have a blown gasket? We want to tell you three ways you can tell if you have blown a gasket and why it is very important to get it fixed right away.

Q: How can I tell if I have blown a head gasket?

A: There are three easy ways to tell if you have a failing or failed gasket.

  • First, check your oil. If your oil is a golden color or black you are good. If your oil is the color of sunscreen and has a creamy consistency then you have a failing gasket.
  • Second, if you are having engine trouble. A blown gasket can cause your engine to overheat. But if your engine is slow or unresponsive you may have a failing head gasket.
  • Third, a faulty exhaust. If you have water leaking from your cars exhaust pipe or if a distinctly sweet smell comes from your exhaust or if white smoke comes out of your tail pipe you are most likely dealing with a failing head gasket.

For more information about head gaskets and repairs click here. Or give our service team a call at 866-949-7059 to bring your car in to get checked out.

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