Preview the Engineering Behind Your Subaru Model

There is a lot to be said about the quality of experience one can become immersed in when seated behind the wheel of a Subaru model. From the ride quality to the efficiency, handling and overall performance, along with the safety reassurances, you are getting the complete package every time that you start up the ignition.

But what actually goes into this experience, making it so special after all? That is what our Subaru engineering videos are here to explain at Colonial Subaru. With instructional previews detailing how everything from the CVT configured in your vehicle to the standard symmetrical all-wheel drive at work, you will be able to appreciate just how intricate and unique your Subaru Crosstrek, Forester, Outback or Impreza truly is.

Your SUBARU BOXER engine and the safety design of your Subaru model are extensively covered in these video sections as well, so that you can consider what goes into every aspect of your vehicle's assembly. If you have any questions, or find yourself interested in the functionality and overall architecture being outlined, please reach out to our team today!

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