Go Where You Need to Go in a Used Vehicle for the Right Price

Sometimes you don't need all the new-age technology and luxurious amenities that make up some of the latest models on the market. Sometimes all you need is a car to get you where you need to go without breaking down. After all, a vehicle is still a vehicle without its touchscreen display and heated seats. At Colonial Subaru, we offer drivers from Wappingers Falls to Poughkeepsie well-maintained used models with the Subaru trademark and a few with the markings of brands like Kia, Volkswagen, and Hyundai.

If you like shopping with a budget to keep yourself from overspending, don't waste your time in a sea of new models that exceed your designated spending range because of their glamorous interiors. Get down to the brass tacks of your vehicle search by starting in an area where your budget will reap the most benefits. With previously-owned vehicles ranging over a decade, you can customize the type of model you want, and maybe even get the touchscreen display or heated seats you thought you'd have otherwise opted out of because of your budget.

By investing in an older Subaru Forester model, not only will you be saving yourself more in monthly payments down the road, but you'll experience peace of mind about going off-road or receiving a door ding in the grocery store parking lot. This peace of mind is because you didn't go into debt on this vehicle purchase. It's already endured a few dings and scratches when it was owned previously, which will make you less paranoid about how you drive and handle it.

Less paranoia and more peace of mind will make room for creating new memories with future family camping trips, adventures to the beach or lake, and weekends away with your spouse. Getting a budget-friendly used vehicle from Colonial Subaru will save you the money we want you to spend on yourself and those close to you. Get the vehicle that won't hold you back in life and check out our pre-owned vehicle inventory in Kingston today.

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