The leaves are just starting to change colors around Albany and you know what that means. Shortly after the leaves drop to the ground the snow will start falling and while there are mixed emotions about the arrival of winter, you can rest easy knowing that your Subaru is the best vehicle to get you home when the roads are covered. To make sure that you are ready for everything winter has in store get your Subaru in for seasonal service.

Just like how Kingston drivers dress appropriately for the different seasons, there are different services your Subaru will need depending on the seasonal. One of the most common services that will get your Subaru ready for winter is having your snow tires put on. Snow tires are made to handle cold temperatures with more flexible rubber and feature deeper treads for more traction on snow-covered roads. Having your battery tested is another vital winter service item that will keep you from getting stuck out in the cold. Other important winter services your Subaru may need include;

  • Check the condition of wiper blades
  • Checking all exterior lights
  • Consider winter wiper blades
  • Check the brake pads and components
  • Check the heating and defroster systems
  • Adjust tire pressure to account for cold temperatures that decrease tire pressure
  • Check tire tread depth
  • Change oil and filter
  • Check all fluid levels

So make sure your Outback, Impreza or Ascent is ready for everything winter throws your way and give our service center a call today to schedule a time to take care of your Subaru winter service needs.

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