With the high price of new vehicles today, drivers and vehicle owners are doing everything possible to make their vehicles last as long as possible and operate as efficiently as possible. The best way to ensure the vehicle stays in good condition and lasts a long time is to provide it with regular maintenance. Come to Colonial Subaru in the Gardiner area to get tips on how to maintain your Subaru whether it’s used daily or only frequently.

Subaru Recommended Maintenance

Subaru is a company known for making durable vehicles that last a long time. Having a Subaru maintenance schedule and sticking to it is the best way to ensure your Subaru continues to run well and provides you with good service. A maintenance schedule for a vehicle is generally determined by the age of the vehicle and the number of miles that are put on it each day or week.

Many maintenance schedules are based on driving the vehicle 12,000 miles per year or 6,000 miles every six months. We recommend that you bring in your Subaru to our Albany area location at least twice a year for synthetic oil and oil filter change, even if you haven't been driving much lately. This visit should also include balancing and rotating your tires as well as checking air pressure.

Even If You Aren't Driving Much, Your Subaru Still Needs Love

Frequent oil changes are recommended to keep your engine running healthy. Your oil should always be changed within twelve months or 10,000 miles even if your vehicle is parked or gets very little use. The tire maintenance is to ensure your tires provide you with a smooth ride and wear evenly on all sides. Although some New Paltz drivers believe that the maintenance can be postponed if the vehicle is getting minimal use, this is not always the case.

If you purchased your Subaru as a new vehicle, it’s important that you stick to the maintenance schedule provided to you at the time of purchase. Your vehicle's brake fluid and coolant should be changed every 30,000 miles because they begin to lose their effectiveness. Failure to change these fluids can cause damage to other parts of the vehicle and cause the vehicle to not operate as efficiently as possible.

Hit Your Marks

Once your Subaru reaches the 60,000-mile mark in the Woodstock, NY area, bring it in so we can change the air filter, transmission fluid and also give it another oil and oil filter change. Other services that should be provided at this time include windshield wiper replacement and topping off any and all fluids. We’ll also check for any recent recall notices or service specials we have to offer.

There are also other items that need to be maintained regularly such as heating and AC system, electrical components, exhaust, belts, and hoses. Our team of Subaru-certified service technicians know what your Subaru needs and will provide the service when necessary.

Turn To Colonial Subaru in Kingston

We can help you stick with your Subaru maintenance by scheduling regular service visits. This will not only keep your Subaru in good condition but will also keep its resale value as high as possible. When it’s time to sell or trade-in your Subaru, you’ll be glad you gave it such good care. Perhaps you’re considering upgrading your vehicle to a new Subaru. We can help there as well.

We have a great selection of Subaru vehicles. We invite you to browse through our inventory of used and new Subaru vehicles. Contact us at our Newburgh area shop and we can offer tips or schedule you to test drive any vehicles that may catch your eye. If you’re like many Subaru owners, you’ll want to continue choosing Subaru as your vehicle of choice.

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