Are you looking for a pre-owned vehicle that holds its value and gives you everything you want and so much more? A used Subaru is a great option for your travels around Albany. You already know that Subaru cars and SUVs are popular for their style and reliability, and you don't have to sacrifice any of those qualities when you buy a pre-owned SUV or car from our selection. The Colonial Subaru team is eager to share why a used Subaru Impreza, Outback, Forester, Crosstrek, or Legacy is such a great investment.

Less Depreciation Equals More Savings

While Subaru's vehicles hold their value much longer than most other brands, it's impossible to avoid depreciation when buying a new car or SUV. In many cases, buying a new vehicle can be a bad investment, and you'll lose money in the long term.

When you buy a used Subaru from our Kingston dealership, however, it is much more likely to hold up in the area of resale value. Rather than absorbing the depreciation cost, it might be a better idea to purchase a vehicle that has already experienced that initial drop. When you drive away in one of our pre-owned Subaru Crosstrek, Impreza, Forester, Outback, or Legacy models, you'll own the car's true value.

More Vehicle for Less Money

What we mean here is that when you buy a pre-owned Subaru for your travels around Gardiner, your money will go further. New vehicles are out of many customers' budgets, especially when considering the premium trims and options. However, when you purchase a used Subaru from our dealership near New Paltz, you'll be able to afford a higher trim and get all the technology and features you want in your next vehicle. With us, you'll get the best value possible.

Lower Insurance Cost

Another reason to buy a used Subaru that most people forget is that the cost you pay is more than the car itself. Insurance is another important consideration, and it costs more to insure a new car than a used one. When you buy a used Subaru, your monthly insurance premium will be lower. You'll save money without sacrificing coverage.

Shop One of the Area's Widest Selections of Used Subaru SUVs and Cars

Whether you're searching for a well-equipped and comfortable commuter car, a family-friendly SUV that can accommodate everyone's needs, or a rugged weekend warrior, we have the perfect pre-owned Subaru in our inventory. You can choose a new-to-you used SUV, like the Subaru Outback, Subaru Forester, Ascent, or Crosstrek. Do you prefer a used Subaru car? We also regularly carry the Subaru WRX, Subaru Impreza, Legacy, and BRZ. All models, except for the BRZ, come with standard symmetrical all-wheel drive, which offers great traction and superior control on the roads around Woodstock, NY.

Our Tools and Experts Make Financing Easy

While we know you're looking for a pre-owned vehicle, that doesn't mean you have to settle for a lower-quality car buying experience. That's why our dealership near Newburgh offers numerous financing tools, which allow you to see your payment options and create plans that fit your lifestyle and budget. Alternatively, you can join us in our local finance center, and our team will work with you to build a payment plan that meets your needs. Get pre-approved for financing online or visit our finance center today.

Make a Good Investment With a Pre-Owned Subaru

Now that you've discovered some of the biggest benefits of buying a pre-owned Subaru, we hope you'll contact us soon. We have one of the area's widest selections of used Subaru models, and no matter what you're looking for, we'll find what you need. You can view our selection online or call today to learn more.

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