Subaru Legacy Vs. The Competition


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Comparing the 2019 Subaru Legacy to the Ford Fusion and Hyundai Sonata in Kingston, NY

When it comes to picking the right midsized sedan for your travels around Albany, you'll want the best in terms of space and comfort, safety and efficiency. There are few other four-door sedans that come close to matching the overall excellence of the new 2019 Subaru Legacy. The Legacy is one of the only midsized sedans offering standard symmetrical all-wheel drive. That's the kind of capability you'll want for handling your winter driving around Newburgh during spells of snowy and icy weather. The Legacy maintains its status as one of the more fuel-efficient options in its class, so you can't go wrong with a new one here in Kingston.

To give you an idea of how the new 2019 Legacy stacks up to the competition, we're comparing it to two other popular midsized sedans. Take a look below to see how the Legacy bests the latest editions of the Ford Fusion and Hyundai Sonata. Once you're ready to get yours, come visit our Kingston, NY Subaru dealer today for a closer look and a quick test drive in this AWD-powered sedan.

2019 Subaru Legacy vs 2019 Ford Fusion Comparison in Kingston, NY

  • It will always start with the standard AWD with the Legacy. That's a feature that's important for driving around this region, which, as you know, experiences unpredictable weather patterns year-round. AWD is an option with the new Fusion, but you'll have to spend more on a higher trim to add that level of capability to the fold.
  • Even with standard symmetrical AWD system, the Legacy bests the Fusion in their base setups in terms of efficiency. The Subaru midsized sedan earns a combined city / highway rating of 29 mpg, far better than the 25 mpg figure for the Fusion.
  • Though the pricing is practically identical for the base level versions of both these sedans, the Legacy features a lower cost-to-own figure than the Fusion, which makes it a smarter long-term investment, whether you're buying with a new car loan, or if you choose to purchase it after the end of your lease.
  • Though the trunk cargo area in the Legacy is slightly smaller than its counterpart's, the interior cabin is larger than the Fusion's passenger space, making the Subaru option a more comfortable ride for all. Furthermore, the fold-down rear seats in the Legacy open up the cabin to the trunk storage area, helping you fit all kinds of cargo inside.
  • Across the board in every important area, the 2019 Legacy earns top ratings for safety. The Fusion earns high marks, for sure, but it features several four-star ratings in areas where the Legacy tops out with five stars, so you know the Subaru options maintains the brand's legacy (maybe that's where they get the name?) for safe driving.

2019 Subaru Legacy vs 2019 Hyundai Sonata Comparison in Kingston, NY

  • Again, the standard AWD makes the Legacy stand out in front of the Sonata, which doesn't even offer that option in its higher trims. For maximum safety, you'll want an AWD setup for your Kingston area driving.
  • Even with that advantage coming standard, the Legacy will cost you less than the Sonata when comparing similar trims and setups. That allows you to fit more features and options into your budget when you smartly choose Subaru's iconic midsized sedan over the other popular option.
  • Subaru is known for making long-lasting vehicles, and the new Legacy is no exception. Data suggests that about 96% of Legacy models sold in the past 10 years remain on the road today, and the new 2019 version carries the same qualities to make it a smart long-term investment. We're confident other sedans like the Sonata can't say the same thing.
  • Earning five-star marks across the board for safety ratings, the Legacy will keep you and your loved ones out of harm's way for all your travels. It's also earned top accolades from the IIHS for safety, while the Sonata falls short in that category.
  • Rear seat passengers in the Legacy will be far more comfortable than trying to fit into the back of the Sonata. Thanks to an intelligent design, the Legacy offers more passenger room - particularly for the legs - than several other midsized sedans available in the Kingston area.

You'll find the latest Legacy for sale in Kingston right here at Colonial Subaru. We always have a wide selection of Legacy models in stock in our comprehensive new Subaru inventory, and we encourage you to drop by to take your favorites for a test drive. You can also sit down with one of our finance experts to discuss your Subaru financing options and to see if a Legacy lease is right for you.

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