Should I Buy or Lease a New Subaru?
Colonial Subaru is the Answer to all of your Auto Financing Needs

If you're in the market for a new or used Subaru, you're undoubtedly debating your payment options. Do you choose a lease or loan? Opting for a Subaru lease or auto loan is a smart way to be able to drive away in your dream car for drastically less than the sticker price. The finance experts at Colonial Subaru help Kingston Gardiner, & New Paltz drivers weigh their financing options and guide them toward the path that's right for their unique needs.


Here are a few facts to consider when debating your lease vs loan options:

The Benefits of Buying

  • Buying the vehicle outright relieves you of future financial burden.
  • Opting for an auto loan only requires monthly payments for a short amount of time -- meaning that, unlike a lease, you won't be making payments for the entire time you own the vehicle.
  • When you finally own the vehicle, you're free to sell or trade the vehicle as you see fit.
  • There are no mileage stipulations with an auto loan.
  • Financing helps you build equity.
  • As the owner, you are free to personalize your vehicle with Subaru parts and accessories.

The Benefits of Leasing

Little to no money down; Smaller monthly payments than a loan; No concern about depreciation; Options when your lease expires; Often a tax deduction for business owners
  • Most leases require little to no money down.
  • Leasing asks for smaller monthly payments than a loan.
  • There's no concern about trading or selling your vehicle because when you're ready to turn it in, you just bring it back to our dealership. That means you don't have to worry about depreciation.
  • Leasing is often a tax deduction for business owners.
  • When the lease expires, you have options. Our staff will walk you through the process of returning, renewing or trading in your lease. You can even certify your leased vehicle and purchase it for Certified Pew-Owned Subaru benefits.

For more information on auto financing in Kingston, please reach out to our staff at 888-697-5209.

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